God’s goal for your life is Wholeness, his Shalom.
“Shalom” = “Complete well-being” (A life of peace, provision, health, fulfillment).
The Bible is filled with promises about all the good things God has for you but… many Christians live in fear, anxiety, lack, sickness and depression.

How can that be?
God’s goal for the Church is dominion
To be the salt of the earth, the light of the world, called to disciple the nations, rescue men and women out of the kingdom and bring them into the dominion of God’s son Jesus.
But the world is in a mess, and the church often seems powerless.

What’s the problem?
The problem is that we have an enemy! His name is satan (Accuser, adversary.The book of Revelation call him: The dragon. Originally Lucifer. He led creation in worship (Ez. 29:12-29) He rebelled, seeking the glory for himself (Is. 14:12-18). He led 1/3 of angels to join him in rebellion (demons).Organized into counterfeit kingdom (principalities, powers, rulers).

Satan is the enemy of everything God Loves and he rules this world!

When Adam sinned the dominion given to him reverted to satan (II Co. 4:4 “god of this world”; John 12:31 “ruler of this world”; 1 Jn 5:19 “whole world under the control of evil one”).

Satan is an evil tyrant!
Jesus said that satan comes to steal, kill and destroy (Jn 10:10a). That’s why world is filled with pain, hatred, poverty, injustice, sickness and death!

Satan has powerful allies!
1. Demons.
Jesus confronted all the time.

2. The world
(greek= kosmos) and anti-God world system or culture) med up of philosophies and values that influence people to think and believe contrary to God’s will.

3. The flesh (not our physical body!)
Your old nature (still present in you) which can be influenced negatively by the world and the devil.
Satan working along with his allies, is committed to stealing, killing and destroying everything God loves!

But satan has a powerful enemy in the earth!... Satan mortal enemy is….the bride!

Jesus came to destroy works of the devil to set right all creation: Sin, sickness, death!
During his time on earth, 1/3 of Jesus’ ministry involved direct confrontations with satan’s forces. When Jesus ascended into heaven, he entrusted the continuation of that battle to his bride…his bride is the Church! …you and me! That’s why you’re in a battle! You are a God’s secret weapon against the devil! Jesus said: “I have a new way to defeat the devil…I am going to send my wife!

The first thing you need to know in this battle is: You have an enemy!
Satan is a powerful enemy. He attacks God’s people in many ways. He can attack our health, finances, relationships, emotions, employment…sometimes you feel inundated!

Ephesians 6:12 “our struggle is not against flesh and blood…” The word “struggle” in greek is “Pale” = “hand-to-hand combat, tug-of-war, wrestling for mastery”.

It’s hand-to-hand combat against demonic forces (principalities, authorities, rulers, spiritual forces of evil). You have enemies you cannot see, and what you don’t know can kill you!

Many Christians stay in a mess because they don’t understand the battle! When you came to Jesus you are not only gained a savior, you gained an enemy! When you are born again, you were born on a battlefield!

Issues in the battle
1. Salvation fo the lost (Satan is not willing that any be saved! He binds their eyes!)

2. Oppression of the human race (Satan wants to steal, kill and destroy all humanity, especially Christians and Jews).

3. The promises of Covenant (It is satan goal to keep you from inheriting your promises)

To bring in the harvest and walk in God’s blessing, you must overcome the enemy!

Some don’t like the idea of spiritual warfare. They said “I don’t like talking about spiritual warfare, I just want to talk about Jesus”. This is the attitude o fmuch of the American church. We don’t have a heart for spiritual war. Result: A ineffective church.

Rates for suicide and divorce almost as high in the church as they are in the world. Pastoral burnout is at epidemic proportions. We are not reaching the lost. No increase in 25 years…if we are not willing to engage the enemy… we lose!

That’s why first thing you need to know is: You have an enemy!

The second thing you need to know is: You are called to overcome the enemy!

God did not call you to live in defeat, trying to “hold on” till you die! Jesus has equipped you with powerful spiritual weapons. He has given you an armor to protect you against every spiritual attack. He has commissioned you to set free those held captive by satan. Jesus has called his bride to be a warrior bride.

The most important picture the Bible give us of the church is the bride. Ephesians 5 and many other passages describe God’s love relationship with the church as the relationship of a groom to a bride!... and as a believer you are the bride!

When we think of bride we get all sorts of soft sentimental feelings. At a wedding everything is beautifully arranged. Wedding music is playing… then the bride enters wearing a lacy white dress, but the Bible gives a different picture!

In the Bible a wife was a covenant partner to her husband. The husband and wife give their lives to each other, and bonded together, to stand side by side, facing the battles of life together. The biblical picture of a bride start in Genesis 2:18 “it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a HELPER suitable for him”. The Hebrew word HELPER is “Ezer” and doesn’t meant a household servant! It is a warfare word: One who comes to your aid and stands with you in battle! “Ezer” is most frequently used of God coming to the aid of Israel to rescue them!

When God call us his bride it’s not a mushy sentimental picture! He is calling us to be his HELPER SUITABLE to stand by his side and link arm for war. To be his partner against the enemy!

A bride is one who stands with her husband through whatever battles life may bring and she is most glorious in battle!

That’s something a lot of Christians don’t understand! Sometime I think the church gets it is picture of the bride from old “B” SF movies. In those movies the woman is always paralyzed by fear when the enemy comes! The woman can scream, look frightened and faint…but she is helpless and totally passive… she can’t run and can’t fight. She has no ability to take action! All she can do is cry out and hope someone will come to rescue her!... that’s of the mentality of the church!

When the devil shows up, the church gets frightened ad passive! Help! We think of the bride as powerless and in need of rescue!

In the Bible the bride is a warrior bride. The Songs of Solomon describes her this way: “as beautiful as the moon, as pure as the sun, as awesome as an army with banners…” That means you are called to overcome the enemy!

Jesus wants to give you a fresh vision of what it means to be his bride!

II Co. 2:14 says he wants to lead us in TRIUMPH over the enemy! God has called us to be his partner in the battle! To stand with him, along with all the hosts of heaven against spiritual forces of darkness! God has given us spiritual armor, spiritual weapons and spiritual authority! God is the lord of hosts (army). We are a part of his hosts and he is our commander in chief!

He wants to train you for battle! He wants you to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to put on your spiritual armor!, to take up your spiritual weapons! Learn to use your spiritual gifts, to learn to hear His voice and transform your mind through his word.

The church job is to equip you to do that. The dragon knows that when the bride take up her weapons, his defeat is certain! That’s why he has worked so hard to keep you from learning who you are in Christ!

Satan has tried to fill you with fear to keep you from rising up and walking in victory but God wants you to know…he has given you everything you need to win!

You are the bride! You have received the overcoming anointing!


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