We have already analyzed the critical spiritual stage of most part of the church around the world; how the social life is more emphasized that the spiritual life; how it is more a sport or entertainment club than a house of holiness; how there are more churches filled with religious legalism, and bored routine than filled with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

In addition, we have spoken about the Christian Companies and Organizations that are more ruled by the secular parameters than the principles of God’s word. Definitely, God wants everything that concerns the church to be something totally different from what we known until today.

For the last days ahead of us, it is necessary and indispensable for the Church to rise up with a new spiritual emphasis.

The Bible presents the Church in four different ways. Let’s see the first three ones:

1. As a Family that has a Heavenly Father and lots of brothers and sisters in Christ (2 Co. 6:18; Eph. 4:6; 1 Jn 1:3; 3:1; Heb. 2:11)

2. As a building of which Christ is the Cornerstone and we are the bricks interlaced to each other. (1 Pet. 2:4-5; 1 Co. 3:16; Eph 2.2:20-22)

3. As a living body, where Christ is the Head and we are the members of the body (Col. 1:18; 1 Co. 6:15; Rom. 12:5).

During several years, we have seen churches representing in one way or another, this three models; but the Holy Spirit in this time is procreating a fourth model of church, which is by the way revealed in God’s word. The church will represent this model once God’s new movement, called “The Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit” should arrive.

What is the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit? What is the fourth model of church revealed in the Bible that God will manifest in the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit?

In the biblical system of symbols, number “4” means “The Earth”, referring to earthly things, e.g. the cardinal points (north, south, east and west); the seasons (summer, fall, winter, spring) (see Rev. 4:6-8; 7:1; 9:15);
The Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit will be God’s next move upon the earth that will continue the spiritual line initiated by the third wave, only that now God will equipped his Church with something new for a higher purpose. The main characteristic of the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit will be that the Church will rise up with Authority and Power from High, never seen before, with the following purposes:

a) To infringe the devil and his demons in the most incredible defeats, that has been holdback for years.

b) Make the devil returned everything that he has stolen for years, centuries.

c) Show to the world, which is the real Church of Jesus Christ.

d) Show to the earthly and spiritual world that the only authority is the Lord Jesus, who is sitting in his throne forever and ever.

e) Show to the world an advance or first fruits of what the Kingdom of God will be here on earth, when the prophetic times have been accomplished.

In the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit God will pour out of the Bravery Anointing upon the children, to endow them with a spiritual aggressiveness and holy repulsion against all evil forces of darkness. This will be the overflow of the Spirit of warfare victory unprecedented in Church’s history.

The main characteristic of the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit is that it will be a victorious movement of spiritual warfare against evil forces.

That is why, the fourth model of the Church will be a warrior army that will battle, invested of purity and holiness, and will conquer all the territory so the kingdom of God will come, until Christ shall return in the clouds to rapture his Church, and here in the earth will begin a sequence of final events in the history of mankind.

The Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit will give the Church more spiritual authority above all principalities and demonic powers. The Anointing Power added to the Fire of Holiness, and the search for God of the third wave, will be the foundation of this fourth move of God.

In synthesis, the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit will be the visible expression of the Bravery Anointing, which will make the Church rise up as a mighty warrior army. Lord’s soldiers will be invested with a holy aggressiveness and repulsion against all filthy evil forces like never seen before in the Church’s history.

I declare prophetically that previous to the beginning of the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit a time of process will begin, in which the Lord will purify the Church and the commercial Christian world. The result of this process will originate drastic changes to the Christian’s businesses and organizations that will start to work strictly under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God will put in the Publishing houses, record music companies, radio and television, people fill with the presence of the Holy Ghost that will seek mainly the Kingdom of God, whom will manage these companies with God’s strategies and as a consequence, will be greatly blessed. These companies will see their books; music and songs conquer even the secular market reaching the records on sales.

The books and music promoted by these companies will be on the top of the surveys. The world will be impacted by these “new” types of Christian companies that will show the world the meaning of following Christ and being obedient to God’s word. All this secular impact will make the people become thirsty for God. People will listen to the gospel of salvation, and will run to Jesus feet repented. The Church will be witness how hell is getting empty and how heaven is being populated. Glory to God!

The Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit will transform the Church in a totally Warrior Church. Local churches that will not have this characteristic will be less effective and will not impact the spiritual world.

When I am talking about this new kind of spiritual warfare, I am not talking simply about initiating a program, entertainment or course about spiritual warfare, nor about starting to see demons everywhere. This goes farther to what we have learned so far about spiritual warfare. What this is about to come is the remarkable work of God, pouring above the church an anointing of a Spirit of bravery. It will be the spiritual warfare anointing never seen before on the church!

Most bible teachers agree, when they say that the church has six purposes, taking as base the scripture of Acts 2:42-47:
1. Evangelism
2. Discipleship
3. Fellowship
4. Ministry
5. Worship
6. Praying
In the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit, God will add a seventh purpose to perfect the church and raise her up with an anointing of courage:
7. Spiritual Warfare

Then, we will no longer talk about the six purposes of the Church; we will talk about the seven purposes. This way we will see a complete expression of the Church.

This is why, in the coming days, the Church will need to experiment several shakes produced by God, with the purpose to originate fundamental changes, from its roots. This will take the Church to a process of crisis, but only those that will be willing to pay the price, will be used remarkably by the Lord in the final days.

Unfortunately there have been always people, whom in the midst of a revival or move of God, continued to be spiritually asleep, ignoring the work of the Lord or directly not willing to pay the price. Let’s cry out to the Lord that nobody will stay out of this new time divinely gestated.

The Holy Spirit wants to pour out the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit in each congregation, ministry and believers all around the world, to equip them with the Bravery Anointing with the purpose to get in the biggest harvest of souls of history.

For a long time, he Church has conform with only having members; but in this new time, God will rise up in his Church warriors filled by the Holy Spirit with the bravery anointing, soldiers that will not fear anything neither anyone, people that will represent Christ here on earth effectively.

In this special time of history, which the Bible describes them as dangerous times (2 Tim 3:1), the only way that the Church can remain firm and can rise up in victory, will be with the bravery anointing. The Lord wants to equip his Church with such power, but would the members of Church want to be equipped by His Lord? Only you and I have the answer!

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