This book will help you to open your spiritual eyes. You will receive a clear vision about the Lord is doing today in His Church!!


Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit

We are living in challenging times where God has decided to change the face of His Church around the world.

He is introducing His Church into the Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit, pouring out upon the believers the Bravery Anointing to conquer territories stolen from the enemy throughout the years and to show the world the authority of Jesus Christ.

This eBook is a prophetic call from the Lord. It should be attained by all believers in Christ, to raise the Church as a Holy Army to spiritually fight against the enemy and conquer to the Glory of God.

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* God is Changing the Face of His Church;
* Something New is Developing; The Fourth Wave of the Holy Spirit;
* Crisis in the process of change; The Quality of lif of the Brave

... and much more!

Read a chapter of the Book! THE BRAVERY ANOINTING or the Power to Conquest


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